Print Design

When given the task of brighten up the walls in the Fentimans office headquarters, I knew the end result had to show off the traditional and botanical roots of the company. I also had an array of colours at my disposal. Below is the end result. Each showcasing the different bottles ‘personality’ with its matching key botanical … Continue reading Print Design

Website Banners

I was lucky enough to have the chance to design a number of the home page welcome banners for luxury shoe label Upper Street. The hardest part of this job was deciding which beautiful photographs to use as there were so many incredible shoe designs to showcase! As well as the homepage banners I also created call … Continue reading Website Banners

Special Delivery

For the launch of Fentiman’s new Sparkling Lime and Jasmine botanical soft drink a selection of food and drink bloggers were sent a special delivery to try the new brew before the official launch. We had to create something special for the bloggers to open along with the new product. We happened to have a … Continue reading Special Delivery

High Spirits Cocktails

I started High Spirits Cocktail Blog to fill the hole in my life when I left my job as a cocktail bar manager to gain experience in the design industry. It was a great excuse to make marvellous cocktail creations, take photographs, and best of all have a cocktail to enjoy at the end!

Gif Animation

I’m a huge fan of this relatively easy way to to bring your artwork to life by animating it into a gif file. Below is a few of my favourites… The simplest concepts often turn out the best; This animation flicks through bottle cutouts from the Fentimans range.       To show case the new … Continue reading Gif Animation

Social Media

One of the main reasons I love designing for social media is that you get instant feedback in the posts you create and Its lovely when posts get ‘shared’ and ‘liked’. Below I have compiled a few social media campaigns I have helped create.

Rose Shoe

My favourite PR shoe created for luxury shoe label Upper Street. I was particularly proud to see it displayed in the beautiful shoe lounge in the head offices in central London and to be featured in in Bridal Magazine.  

Historic Dinner

I was honoured when I was commissioned by The Angel of Corbridge to create a bespoke time line to be unveiled at a special historic dinner and displayed in the pub lounge. The wall piece contained information on the Angel dating all the way back to the 13th century. MD Kevin and local historical David Waugh had extensively … Continue reading Historic Dinner

Save the Date

When my older sister got engaged my first bridesmaids duty included making the save the date cards. As you can see they are not too fussy and reflect the laid-back and fun personality of my big sis and her fiancé.